Jesse Levin

Jesse Levin Ph.D., is a principal research economist at AIR, where he has been involved in a number of projects investigating educational production, school finance and adequacy, and resource allocation. He currently serves as the director of several cost effectiveness analysis components of randomized control trial studies for various educational interventions, director of a national study of district weighted student funding systems, and was recently deputy director for a study of Title I resource allocation, all for theU.S. Department of Education. Dr. Levin most recently conducted an updated study of the cost of providing educational adequacy in California public schools. In addition, he previously directed a study comparing traditional and charter school funding in Maryland, as well as high-profile educational adequacy studies in California, New Mexico and New York. His work at AIR over the past 16 years has drawn upon his expertise in applied econometrics and quantitative methods. Dr. Levin is a native to California and currently serves as a member of the California Department of Education’s California Practitioner Advisory Group and Technical Design Group.